Artist Statement

 I try to capture joy. I try to capture love. In my music, I attempt to instill  happiness in the audience, I want my music to help you enjoy the moment and let go of your troubles. I want to you to feel purpose from my music that helps define or steer you towards your own purpose in this world. I hope to achieve that by sharing my soul so that it can open yours up to the endless possibilities you have. After all, that is how I found mine.
           The colorful way that I choose to piece my music together resembles how I choose to see the world.  With optimism, gratitude, a helping hand, and love. With these characteristics, I believe you can lead a full life. With these characteristics in mind I shape my music into what I believe to be quite beautiful. 

            I channel the energy from my friends and family into my work because they are the reason I am as happy as I am all the time. They are the true reason I do what I do. I make music for myself and for people who need it to lift them up. I want to share the beautiful moment of music and life with other people so they can see the truth and all come together and be at peace with ourselves together.

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