Short Bio

Loveland is an electronic dance music producer from Omaha, Nebraska. In 2016, he released his debut EP Life Influences Art. In 2017, he released a steady number of singles throughout the year. These include the remix of Ill Gates Flying, Crunk Berries, and Soul. In 2018 he took most of the year off of releasing music to really master his craft and deliver even better music to his fans. Most recently he debuted his second EP Sonic Flow in March of 2019. Loveland brings funk and bass music together to create a high energetic experience.


Loveland has traveled all over the country to electronic music festivals to capture the inspiring environments and bring that energy into his music. He uses blues, funk, and soul in combination with electronic sounds to create a soundscape that is uplifting and powerful. He uses a combination of electronic instruments and real world instruments like bass and guitar to mold his music.

Upcoming Shows

Oceanz Theory @ The Royal Grove 5/11/19

Sunrise @ The Royal Grove 5/18/19

River Jam Music Festival @ Riverwest Park 7/12/19


In 2018 loveland will be releasing his first single of the year titled "Bounce." It is a high energy glitch hop track, that has elements of blues funk and soul combined with his signature electronic sound that will have you wanting more.


The groove and feel of this track shows off his joyful spin on electronic music and makes you want to dance and move like no other song he has released to date.


"Composing this song was a breakthrough point in my music I discovered how much energy you can create by leaving space for each individual part to shine through. My music will only get better from here." 

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